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The SKYDAN Equity Program

Unlock Your Home’s Equity With the Help of the SKYDAN Equity Home Program

The homeowners agree to lease the home back from SKYDAN in the agreed amount for a period of time but, not to exceed two years. The rent is deferred (no monthly payments) until the end of the agreement. At maturity, the homeowner has two options:

• Purchase the home back from SKYDAN at the agreed price (original purchase price + deferred rent), or
• Sell the property. The homeowner will keep any value over the agreed upon amount that is due to SKYDAN.

SKYDAN’s program allows homeowners to easily tap into their home equity without the approval restrictions, monthly payment plans, associated interest obligations that a traditional bank loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) carries.


With a traditional bank loan, consumers must go through a FICO-based credit approval process. If approved, they borrow the approved amount of money but are required to pay it back with interest monthly. This is what homeowners face every day with their wealth tied up in their homes while debt accumulates.

SKYDAN's mission is to help customers access that home-equity wealth. We provide an easy alternative to traditional bank loans.

Our Team

James D. Stillo  

President and Chief Executive Officer

James is a successful real estate entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in all facets of real estate industry, including brokerage, investments, management, development, and homeowner equity programs. He is the founder and principal of the SKYDAN Group, including SKYDAN Equity Partners. Realizing there was a need to help clients in need of an alternative to traditional home financing, he started the SKYDAN Equity Program as a way to help these clients leverage their best asset and get back on their feet.

Brandon Schuppe  

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Consumer Affairs

Since 1991, Brandon has helped individuals and families take that next step in their lives through his work as a Real Estate Broker.In addition he has a total of over 35 years in the customer service industry. Throughout the years, Brandon has served on numerous community and business boards, including real estate, nonprofit and church organizations. With his strong attention to detail, Brandon communicates on a personal level to help guide his clients through the transaction process.

John Sommese  

Senior Vice President, Business Development

John works in the real estate brokerage industry as both a mortgage banker and a real estate broker. His industry experience in real estate dates back to 1991, when he first started in residential and commercial real estate sales. In 2010, John joined a local community bank where he currently works with helping individuals secure residential mortgages for single family homes, condos, and 2-4 unit properties.

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