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How it Works: Unlocking Your Home's Equity

How it Works: Unlocking Your Home's Equity

Are credit card bills, property taxes, or medical expenses starting to add up? We all deal with financial hardship at some time or another, but if no relief is in sight and banks are turning you down for loans, or if you can't secure a HELOC, you probably don't know where to turn; and these frustrations cannot be understated. SKYDAN is here to help you tap into your home's equity to free up any tied up funds. Here's how it works:

1. SKYDAN buys your home. But you don't move out.

2. You then agree to lease the home back from us at a mutually-agreed upon amount, not exceeding 2 years.

3. Rent is deferred until the end of the agreement, meaning no monthly payment is due.

4. You may then purchase the home back (original price + deferred rent) OR sell the property, at current market value, receiving all additional equity.

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes.


Avoid Foreclosure: When Banks Say No, We Say Yes.

SKYDAN Equity Partners is the home equity solution you can turn to when banks turn you away because of bad credit. Our home buy back program allows you to avoid foreclosure, settle your outstanding debts, improve credit score and avoid predatory high-interest bank loans. We don't want you dealing with the hurdles of traditional home refinancing. This means there are no credit checks, no mortgage payments, no interest, and no added debt.

Remember… When Banks Say No, We Say Yes. Learn more about SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program below!


Even if you have bad credit or no income you may still qualify.


Home Visit

Within 3-5 days after qualifying, we will schedule a time to visit your property.



We determine how much cash you qualify for based on property value.



Within 30 days you will receive the agreed-upon amount of money*.


SKYDAN Equity Group: Setting You Up For Success Since 2004

We want to help YOU access your home's equity to improve your overall financial standing. Our innovative approach allows you to circumvent the stress of traditional bank loans while improving your credit score. We are not a mortgage company or a bank. We are a real estate investment company that partners with homeowners to help them make the most of their home. Your home equity belongs to you.

How Does Home Equity Lending Work?

We buy single-family houses from homeowners under a unique sale and leaseback agreement. In other words, you won’t find many other companies with sale and rent back programs as valuable as SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program. Let’s take a look at the process:

1. SKYDAN Equity Partners purchases a single-family home.
2. Homeowner leases home back from SKYDAN Equity Partners for no longer than two years.
3. When the lease ends, homeowners can buy their house back or sell the property.

If you opt to re-purchase your home after the agreement expires, you will pay the original purchase price plus the value of any deferred rent you have. And if you sell the property, you get to keep all additional equity.

Our Service Areas

If you’ve been searching in the Midwest for companies that buy houses and rent back to the homeowner, look no further. SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program proudly provide financial relief to families from all of the following States:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin

When searching for bad credit lenders, you have a high likelihood of facing rejection — but not at SKYDAN Equity Partners. If you reside in these states and you need bankruptcy relief or property tax lien relief, the SKYDAN Equity Partners Home Equity Program is here to help you get through this.

Call SKYDAN Equity Partners Today for Help Achieving Financial Freedom

If you have been searching far and wide for companies that allow you to access your home’s equity, you will definitely want to learn more about SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program. We proudly provide financial freedom to families and individuals in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Client Testimonials

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testimonials and success stories


We are very thankful to Brandon and his team at SKYDAN for helping us get the funding we needed to pay our taxes and other debts on our house. They helped us out of a situation that was not possible with majority of the lenders.. GREAT JOB SKYDAN !!!

Janet, Westchester, IL


Brandon and Jimmy were fabulous. They helped me out when no one else would, and took the time to actually listen to me and understand what I was going through. And showed compassion about my situation. Without their help I don’t know where I would be rite now. Thanks again guys!

Sonya, Berwyn, IL


I lost my job and couldn’t keep up with the monthly mortgage payment. I had a lot of equity but couldn’t get a loan from the bank with no job. Luckily, I found Skydan Equity Partners. I spoke with Brandon and he assured me they can help and they did. Eighteen months later I have a new job and still have my home.

Kynara, Bolingbrook, IL