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What happens with my existing mortgage?

SKYDAN pays off your existing mortgage, so you have no monthly mortgage payments for the term of the program.


When do I repay SKYDAN?

Payback when you’re ready – SKYDAN has flexible payback options. You can either sell or buyback your home within six months to two years. The payback amount is adjusted accordingly.


Does SKYDAN share ownership of my home?

Legally SKYDAN has ownership, but only for a short period of time up to two years while you are getting back on your feet. You still treat the property as if it is your home.


What’s the most I will repay SKYDAN?

Our company is designed to be fair and equitable with an agreed upon payback amount that is much more reasonable than any other short-term financing available.


Are there monthly payments?

No, there are no monthly payments or interest rate during the program period. Payback to SKYDAN is made at maturity (up to two years later)